Sleep Capsules – Nature & CBD – 30 x 25mg CBD

CBD Capsules 25mg.


1 to 3 per day.

With verbena and lemon balm


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Each Sleep capsule contains 25mg of CBD, verbena and lemon balm.
CBD capsules offer you an easy daily intake and allow you to consume a precise dose of CBD in one dose.
The Sleep capsule has been developed with the aim of providing you with all the relaxation you need to fall asleep and get a restful sleep. The verbena and lemon balm extracts present in this capsule are perfect for a full and restful night’s sleep. Whether you are prone to insomnia or difficulty falling asleep, the Sleep capsule will provide you with a concentrate of relaxation specifically designed for sleep-related difficulties.
Recommended dosage: 1 capsule up to 3 times daily. It is advisable to adjust your dosage in stages and very gently (the CBD intake is quite substantial).
Multi-spectrum product (no THC). Total of 750mg of CBD in the box.
Store away from heat and moisture.

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Cylindrical plastic box, filled with CBD capsules.Sleep Capsules – Nature & CBD – 30 x 25mg CBD
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