Organic CBD Fruity Break Infusion – Mijane – 31gr

Composed of hemp (25%), elderberry, apple, rose hip, wild blueberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, hibiscus, and redcurrant.

Organic farming

Less than 0.3% THC


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This brew is a surefire choice for unwinding after a grueling day, warming up on long winter evenings, or simply immersing yourself in a moment of exquisite tranquility.
The premium quality CBD hemp offers a delectable sensory experience and soothing benefits. Elderberries, apple, and rose hips contribute to a sweet, fruity note, while wild blueberry, blackcurrant, and blackberry add a slightly tart and sweet touch. Hibiscus, purple blackberry leaves and redcurrant bring a floral and slightly astringent note, creating an infusion that evokes freshness and lightness.

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Open round box filled with infusionOrganic CBD Fruity Break Infusion – Mijane – 31gr
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