Oil for animals (cats and dogs) – Nature and CBD – CBD 5%

Fights the stress and anxiety of our faithful companion.


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This oil helps our pets (cats and small to medium-sized dogs) fight stress and anxiety.
Discover all the properties of CBD now in an oil dedicated to animals!
Composed of a salmon oil base perfectly adapted to animals, it allows you to offer your dog or cat high-quality CBD. Our food-grade oil has a 5% concentration, perfect for small to medium-sized cats and dogs.

In order to adapt the CBD dosage to your pet’s profile and sensitivity, a dropper pipette as well as a spray (1 spray = 3 drops) are available with each bottle.
This oil is available in a 10ml vial with 500mg of CBD. The multi-spectrum hemp extract used in this oil is extracted from authorized hemp varieties and does not contain THC.

It is recommended to refer to the following doses depending on your pet’s weight:
Less than 5 kg: 1 to 2 drops/day
+ 5 kg: 1 to 4 drops/day
+ 10 kg: 2 to 8 drops/day
+ 20 kg: 4 to 16 drops/day
+ 40 kg: 10 to 20 drops/day

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Cardboard packaging and small glass oil bottle.Oil for animals (cats and dogs) – Nature and CBD – CBD 5%
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