Gorilla Glue CBD Flower

Very resineous variety

Between 8% et 10% de CBD

<0,3 % of THC

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Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Gorilla Glue, one of the varieties most requested by legal cannabis enthusiasts. This renowned name evokes a high quality buds and finds his name in its generous resin production. The remarkably adherent trichomes of Gorilla Glue CBD attest to the exceptional abundance of these tiny crystals, at the origin of the profusion of resin which earned it its name.

Gorilla Glue CBD stands out for its captivating, intense and invigorating aromas. Its flavor, sweet and enveloping, reveals woody notes in harmony with scents of pine, enhanced by a lively explosion of citrus and ripe fruit. Let yourself be carried away by the absolute relaxation that the CBD Gorilla Glue flower provides. It is particularly recommended for weed lovers looking for a strong fragrance and personality.


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