CBD Exfoliating Soap – COSMOS ORGANIC – Cellular Relaxation 90gr

CBD Exfoliating Soap


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CBD exfoliating soap is designed to wash while exfoliating the skin.
The synergy of CBD and organic hemp seed cake stimulates blood circulation and thus helps in the regeneration of epidermal cells.
This soap is composed of:
– CBD isolate: this molecule present in the hemp plant has soothing properties.
– Organic hemp seeds (oilcake): gently exfoliates the skin while promoting cell generation.
– 100% natural fragrance with a fresh and vegetal scent.

This product is made in France, by hand in a cosmetic factory, using traditional cold saponification processes.
Directions for use:
-For a vigorous scrub, it is used by rubbing the soap directly into the skin. Recommended for hands, feet and body.
-For a gentle exfoliation, recommended for the face and more sensitive parts of the body: rub the soap between your hands and apply to the area to be exfoliated.
Use 1-2 times a week to maintain glowing skin!

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Soap Cardboard PackagingCBD Exfoliating Soap – COSMOS ORGANIC – Cellular Relaxation 90gr
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