Beef Flavour Dog Food 6 cans of 400gr – Pawell – CBD 50mg per box

50mg of CBD in each can. Ox


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Visible results in 2 to 4 weeks on age-related pain, chronic pain or pain following an operation but also on stress, anxiety and well-being of the dog.
Suitable for dogs over 6 months of age.
This pâté, made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, is pleasant in taste and texture (even veterinarians recommend it).

What are the effects of CBD on your dog (each box contains 50mg of CBD):
*By combining this product with good kibble (which can also be CBD), you guarantee your pet a complete diet, full of nutrients.
This protects their oral health and encourages them to drink plenty of water, resulting in a lower risk of kidney and urinary diseases.
*Anti-inflammatory properties: CBD has recognized anti-inflammatory properties that may be beneficial for dogs suffering from joint pain, arthritis, or injuries.
*Analgesic effects: Due to its analgesic properties, CBD is an attractive choice for pain relief in dogs.
*Reduction of stress and anxiety: Dogs can also suffer from these phenomena for various reasons (separations, phobias, car trips, behavioral problems, etc.). CBD can play an important role in reducing stress in dogs by promoting a state of calm and relaxation.
*support on behavioral disorders: CBD can act as a natural support by helping to reduce these adverse effects by promoting the balance and regulation of the dog’s endocannabinoid system, CBD can help improve their overall behavior.

65% beef (heart, meat, liver, stomach, neck, fat), 5% vegetables (carrot and zucchini), 28.8% broth, 1% minerals, 0.2% full-spectrum CBD distillate

Each animal is different and it is difficult to tell you the exact dosage. However, we recommend the following amounts:
Small dog: 1/2 box per day
Medium-sized dog: 1 box per day
Large dog: 1 to 2 boxes per day
It is recommended to start with low dosages, which you can increase gradually, depending on the observations and effects on your pet.


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My Pot, can of food for dogs. Beef taste.Beef Flavour Dog Food 6 cans of 400gr – Pawell – CBD 50mg per box
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